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Andaman Property Management Sdn Bhd was established in 2005 as a property development company. We have since rapidly evolved to become a well-known professional property developer as well as project management specialist with over RM3 billion development value.

Today, our activities include product development, marketing research & strategies, sales & marketing, sales administration, property and project management.

By first homing in on the key cities in the north, south and central – Perak, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Johor – the `happening axis’ in Peninsular Malaysia, APM centers key activities based on proven thriving demand for residential and commercial properties.

Our residential and commercial developments at Kota Damansara, Subang, Bangi, Serdang, Cyberjaya, Slim River, Batu Pahat and Ipoh are testaments to our successful strategies.

Blue Ocean Strategy – Smart Property Investment

How we think-plan-act

While GRR or Guaranteed Rental Return has been in the market, we at APM simply work harder at ensuring ours deliver outstanding results.

Right at the start, even before our project hits the ground, we strive to secure an appropriate anchor tenant (such as a well-known college or university so that our prospective purchasers or investors can be assured of a steady rental income.

The way we formulated our GRR comes with better peace of mind and a higher assurance of success for our clients and customers. By doing the hard yards first have been how we have always delivered guaranteed returns, long-term rental tenure with consistent returns and capital appreciation.

Property buyers are rewarded an average capital appreciation between 15%-30% yield on investment while GRR averages 8% rental returns.

We currently manage close to 2000 units for GRR.

From out of the blue, into black

At APM, we believe the way we conduct our blue ocean strategies minimizes risks and maximizes potential. By identifying those locations which are not yet on other developer’s radar, enables us to secure exceptionally low prices simply because there is little or even no competition. Our experienced team and well-placed network pit acumen with instinct, incisive decisions with a clear vision in our search for the right plots.

Having a `solus’ position, we further drive our pioneering advantage to obtain a first, firm footing in areas that have proven to yield between 20%-40% yield on investment.

Never one to sit back on our laurels, we don’t believe in letting opportunities lie idling. Our developments usually start within twelve months of securing the land, thus saving on interest and capitalizing on demand.

You’re happy, we’re happy

Our happiness index is based on how well our clients think of us. Beyond delivering great value, distinctive projects and prompt timelines, our Customer Loyalty Programme keeps them informed and in tune with market insights and investment opportunities.

  • APM collaborates with Wealth Mastery Academy in organizing the Property Investor Convention, an important forum on property investment news, advice and market intelligence.
  • Big Reward Programme gives added value to our loyal customers: Priority previews, pre-registration and special invitations to property fairs and talks.
  • Feng Shui face-to-face with the experts. Regular invitations to meet feng shui masters Dato’ Joey Yap and Kenny Hoo at selected venues.

Property Management

We manage the following properties:

  • Casa Subang
  • Cova Villas
  • Cova Square
  • Cova Suites
  • Summit BatuPahat
  • Summit Bukit Mertajam
  • 3K Inn Subang Jaya